The oldest of the CGN fleet! While it is the oldest boat in the Belle Époque fleet, it is equipped with the newest steam engine. Dating from the 21st century, it’s controlled from the bridge and wheelhouse, a world first!

On board, weddings and civil unions can be celebrated at the dock in Lausanne Ouchy.


  • Length 68.3 meters
  • Power 884 CV / 650 kW
  • Operation 1904

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On-board catering service

  • Table service 100 Pers.
  • Buffet 172 Pers.
  • Cocktail 200 Pers.

Offer quality cuisine to your guests! On the Belle Époque boat “Montreux”, the Beau-Rivage Palace team uses 150 years of know-how and experience to guarantee the success of your reception.


All of our boats «Belle époque» with paddle wheels

Table service
Caterer service


Operation: 1915-1920

Table service: 310
Buffet: 250
Cocktail: 350

La Suisse

Operation: 1910

Table service: 252
Buffet: 200
Cocktail: 250


Operation: 1914

Table service: 150
Buffet: 135
Cocktail: 180


Operation: 1904

Table service: 100
Buffet: 172
Cocktail: 200


Operation: 1907

Table service: 150
Buffet: 125
Cocktail: 180


Operation: 1908

Table service: 150
Buffet: 125
Cocktail: 180


Operation: 1927

Table service: 168
Buffet: 125
Cocktail: 180

Unfortunately, we no longer offer boat rentals for the following dates:

If the date of your event is fixed, the only alternative we can offer you is a cruise on our hourly service (open to the public).

If you are interested in this option, please contact our groups department who will send you our proposals.