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Celebrate a wedding on Lake Geneva? A dream that is within reach.

Whether you wish to organize your civil wedding, your reception or your wedding dinner, the fleet of CGN boats is available to you for private events, especially wedding ceremonies and gala meals.

Good to know: the boat "Montreux" while docked, is the only boat in Swiss Romandie on which a wedding can be celebrated and recognized by the canton of Vaud. A registrar will unite you in the extravagant lounge of the boat Montreux, with Lake Geneva and the Alps as an enchanting backdrop.

Are you celebrating your marriage on land but hoping to continue the festivities on one of the CGN boats?

No problem: extend the celebrations by sailing away from shore and share a memorable experience with your guests.

With the help of our online planner, you can create your custom cruise in a few clicks: choose a boat, the type of reception you desire (buffet, table service, cocktail), a place of departure and arrival and everything is set: you just created your own private cruise!

On-board catering service

We offer the best for your big day.

Cocktail with petits-fours, seated dinner for two, three or four courses, a wedding cake and an assortment of dessert miniatures? Our partners will respond to all of your requests and culinary desires to make your wedding unforgettable.


Feedback from our customers

The boat ride was fantastic, we had a beautiful evening.
Travelled on the boat Lavaux

Original message in french

It was a very successfull event and our customers were very happy. We are looking forward to working with CGN again.
Travelled on the boat Henry-Dunant
Twerenbold Reisen AG

Original message in german

The evening was a huge success for our customers. Thank you very much for your assistance
Travelled on the boat Lavaux

Original message in french

On behalf of the staff committee i would like to thank you for your warm welcome and the availability of the crew. The cruise itinerary was beautiful and the boat perfectly clean. We spent a wonderful evening with a delicious meal.
Travelled on the boat Lausanne
MCI Genève

Original message in french

We had a wonderful time on the boat « Vevey ». The entire staff of CGN and the catering company were charming and we would like to thank all of them. The feedback of our staff was excellent and this is also thanks to your team onboard.
Travelled on the boat Vevey
Montreux-Vevey Tourisme

Original message in french

A big thank you to your staff for the organisation of the rental of the boat « Lavaux ». We would also like to express our thanks to the Captain and his crews. Our guest were very happy.
Travelled on the boat Lavaux

All of our boats Exceptional events

Table service
Caterer service


Operation: 1915-1920

Table service: 310
Buffet: 250
Cocktail: 350

La Suisse

Operation: 1910

Table service: 252
Buffet: 200
Cocktail: 250


Operation: 1914

Table service: 150
Buffet: 135
Cocktail: 180


Operation: 1904

Table service: 172
Buffet: 172
Cocktail: 200


Operation: 1907

Table service: 150
Buffet: 125
Cocktail: 180


Operation: 1908

Table service: 150
Buffet: 125
Cocktail: 180


Operation: 1991

Table service: 500
Buffet: 400
Cocktail: 700


Operation: 1963

Table service: 210
Buffet: 170
Cocktail: 200


Operation: 1964

Table service: 130
Buffet: 100
Cocktail: 150


Operation: 2005

Table service: 60
Buffet: -
Cocktail: 80


Operation: 2006

Table service: 60
Buffet: -
Cocktail: 80


Operation: 2008

Table service: 60
Buffet: -
Cocktail: 80