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The most imposing steamboat in the fleet! With the same dimensions as the flagship LA SUISSE, this large steamboat will impress with its force and the responsiveness of its engine. It’s the first CGN steamboat in which the boiler is at the back of the boat and the engine at the front, which changes the silhouette of the boat due to the position of its chimney.

With an intimate and elegant ambiance, the boats of the CGN Belle Époque fleet are the ideal place to organize a gala or wedding meal.


  • Length 78.5 meters
  • Power 1400 CV / 1030 kW
  • Operation 1915-1920

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On-board catering service

  • Table service 310 Pers.
  • Buffet 250 Pers.
  • Cocktail 350 Pers.

Eldora Traiteur SA, the official CGN restaurateur, offers you the know-how that combines a lacustrine escape with gourmet creations. The kitchen chefs propose a wide range of culinary offerings, all reinvented and personalized. Suggesting originality, creativity and refinement is the aim of their teams in order to surpass your expectations and impress your guests.


All of our boats «Belle époque» with paddle wheels

Table service
Caterer service


Operation: 1915-1920

Table service: 310
Buffet: 250
Cocktail: 350

La Suisse

Operation: 1910

Table service: 252
Buffet: 200
Cocktail: 250


Operation: 1914

Table service: 150
Buffet: 135
Cocktail: 180


Operation: 1904

Table service: 172
Buffet: 172
Cocktail: 200


Operation: 1907

Table service: 150
Buffet: 125
Cocktail: 180


Operation: 1908

Table service: 150
Buffet: 125
Cocktail: 180


Operation: 1927

Table service: 168
Buffet: 125
Cocktail: 180